X85L / X85

Excellent Stability
Ceramic Bearings are 25% harder than conventional steel bearings but are only half the weight. Because frictional wear between the ball bearings and the bearing retainer is significantly reduced the efficiency and durability is significantly increased.

Microfilter to prevent particles from entering the water spray system to guarantee optimum water spray cooling at all times.

Clean Head System
The patented NSK Clean Head System is a special mechanism designed to automatically prevent the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into the handpiece head, prolonging the life of the bearings.

Titanium Body
Titanium body*. Light and very strong pure titanium is used for the body. The light handpiece reduces the burden on the hands during operations, and its enhanced hardness also improves its ability for autoclave sterilization. The biocompatible properties of titanium eliminate concern over allergies to metals.

*Titanium is used only for the exterior parts, and not for the interior.

Single Water Spray
The NSK Single Water Spray effectively cools the surface of the bur with a high cooling effect.

NSK's latest surface enhancement technology, takes advantage of the non allergic and biocompatible properties of titanium to further improve durability. DURACOAT creates a smooth, scratch resistant surface which is comfortable to hold.

Key features

  • Miniature Head
  • Gear Ratio: 1:5 Increasing
  • For FG burs (Ø1.6)
  • Water Spray: Single Spray
  • Body Material: Titanium
  • Body Coating: DURACOAT
  • Max Speed: 200,000 min-1
  • Cellular Glass Optics 
  • Ceramic Bearings 
  • Clean Head System 
  • Push Button Chuck 
  • Microfilter
X85L / X85
C604 X85L Optic
X85 No-Optic