Ref. 9160.4 Product Sheet

NSK suction handpieces were designed and developed to be easily handled, have a balanced equi- librium, powerful brushless micro-motor and be simple to clean. The plastic handpiece sleeve, with ergonomic handle pads, can be easily removed and therefore, this ensures and guarantees quick cleaning and disinfection of the entire handpiece. This unique technical solution revolutionises hygie- nic conditions for suction handpieces to the benefit of the patient and podiatrist. The handpiece is vibration-free, due to the innovative mounting of the micro-motor within the handpiece resulting in maximum comfort for the Podiatrist.

NSK suction handpieces have a quiet, high-performance brushless micro-motor. They have high torque, even at a low rotation speed, allowing the podiatrist to work at a fast pace despite using low rotation speeds. The obvious advantage of brushless motors is that you avoid the regular maintenance costs associated with replacing the brushes. By using NSK dental high quality materials and technology, the suction handpieces meet the highest performance and quality requirements. 

Key features

  • Handpiece sleeves which can be easily removed and quickly cleaned;
  • Ergonomic handle pads;
  • Automatic clamping system;
  • 1 : 1 direct drive;
  • Maximum speed 30.000 min;
  • Quiet, powerful brushless micro-motor;
  • For burs (Ø 2.35).