The M1 is a small, lightweight, portable, battery-operated, rechargeable device for podiatry and manicure. The device is suitable for mobile use as well as the secondary unit in the cabin.

2 different motors are available:

  • M1 with a compact micromotor handpiece (Reference: 9054.101)
  • M1 with a E-type motor for dental handpieces (Reference: 9054.100; handpiece not included)

Key features

  • Control unit with integrated batteries
  • Choice of 2 motor versions;
  • rechargeable
  • battery operation for 5 hours
  • Speed adjustable from 1,500 to 25,000 rpm
  • Clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation;
  • Dimensions: height 3 cm, depth 13,2 cm, width 6,7 cm, weight 185 g
Reference Description
9054.101 M1 HP portable set
9054.100 M1 E-Type portable set